ZeroDarkCloud 0.9.5

ZeroDarkCloud 0.9.5

Maintained by Vinnie Moscaritolo, Robbie Hanson.

Depends on:
AFNetworking~> 4.0
S4Crypto>= 2.2.9
XMLDictionary>= 0
YapDatabase/SQLCipher-ObjC>= 4.0
zipzap>= 0
ZDCSyncableObjC>= 0
NSColor-Crayola>= 0
SCLAlertView-Objective-C>= 0
KGHitTestingViews>= 0
JGProgressView>= 0
TCCopyableLabel>= 0
UIColor-Crayola>= 0

  • By
  • Robbie Hanson and Vinnie Moscaritolo™

A zero-knowledge sync & messaging framework for your app, built atop AWS & the Ethereum blockchain. is an open-source framework you can integrate into your app. It provides zero-knowledge sync & messaging. And zero-knowledge means real security. As in, it's impossible for the server to read any of the content generated by your app, because all data is encrypted client-side using keys the server doesn't know. The industry calls this zero-knowledge, or end-to-end security. And now you can easily add this security to your app.


Ethereum Blockchain uses an ethereum smart contract to securely verify the public keys of users within the system.

In the past, end-to-end security required complicated protocols, and was restricted to domain-specific applications (like Signal or WhatsApp). Today those complicated protocols can be replaced with a smart contract. And you can easily add the same end-to-end encryption to your app.

For more information about blockchain integration, see our website, or read the technical documentation.


Zero-knowledge security

The framework handles all encryption & decryption for you. It automatically encrypts all data before uploading it to the cloud, and seamlessly decrypts it for you when downloading.

Since all encryption is handled client-side, and the client framework is open source, you can see the encryption for yourself. No trust required. You can actually setup breakpoints, and step through the process in the debugger. You can also audit all the data that's stored on the cloud. We encourage it, and we'll teach you how.

Best of all, your application gets complete control over who can read the data stored in the cloud. And this isn't some run-of-the-mill server-enforced permissions model - this is real security, enforced by modern encryption. To read any data requires the ability to decrypt it. And your application controls who has access to the decryption keys.

This means your app can provide truely secure cloud storage, syncing, messaging & collaboration.

Working for an enterprise with data regulations? No problem. Code your app to provide additional decryption keys for the enterprise, or more fine-grained keys for departments, projects, etc. You can control access in a manner appropriate for your needs.

Whatever the use-case for your app, zero-knowledge encrytion means better protection of user data, and better protection for your business against cybersecurity attacks. So if data leaks are a concern, you'll be happy to hear that every single file stored in the cloud is encrypted with a different randomly generated 512-bit key.


Amazon Web Services

Unlimited storage & unlimited scalability with a tiny price tag.

The backend is built atop AWS using 100% serverless architecture. This means there are zero servers to manage, and AWS automatically handles scalability for you.

All data is stored in S3, and the ZeroDark system will automatically transition files between storage tiers. So old data will end up in Glacier, and you'll pay fractions of a penny per GB.

Ready to find out more ?

Check out our website. If you're an engineer, you can jump in and start reading the docs. Or email us and start a conversation to find out if we're right for your business.