S4Crypto 2.2.10

S4Crypto 2.2.10

Maintained by Vinnie Moscaritolo, Robbie Hanson.

S4Crypto 2.2.10

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S4Crypto is a modern extensive cross platform library of cryptographic functions that can be called from the C API as well as JavaScript. It was designed to be portable, such that it can be cross-compiled for different architectures, including macOS, iOS, Linux, Android, and Windows.

S4Crypto also builds as a JavaScript webassembly library.

S4Crypto also comes with a complete set of FIPS-140 compatible operation and CAVP tests.

S4Crypto is the crypto library used by storm4 and zerodark.cloud


S4 allows the programmer to make high level C calls without having to have expertise in the low level cryptography algorithms. It presents the interface in a consistent usable structure.

HASH algorithms

The following Hash Algorithms are supported:

  • MD5

  • SHA-1

  • SHA-2 224/256/384/512

  • SHA-3 224/256/384/512

  • KECCAK_256 (as seen in Ethereum)

  • SKEIN-256, 512, 1024

  • xxHash 32/64

Message Authentication Code

Both HMAC and SKEIN version of MAC is supported. Across all the appropriate hash algorithms.

Symmetric Cryptography functions

The following ciphers are supported:

  • AES 128/192/256
  • 2FISH-256

Modes supported include EBC, CBC and a CBC encode/decode with padding

Tweekable Block cipher

Threefish is supported in 256, 512 and 1024 bit mode.

Public Key functions

The following public key algorithms are supported:

Key Splitting
S4Crypto Keys API

S4Crypto also provides a higher level API to manage and process symmetric, public and split cryptographic keys using a JSON representation.

Example of keys encoded using S4Crypto:

#AES-128 key wrapped by Argon2 encoded passphrase
    "version": 1,
    "encoding": "p2k",
    "keySuite": "AES-128",
    "p2k-params": "$Argon2d$m=65536,t=2,p=1,k=16$wzXNtftfk/s=",
    "mac": "YqEnigy+Y78=",
    "esk": "mC564p9mn7AXP/qmFI9l6A==",
    "iv": "FplyP4pAdcBoAkLgbIOGng==",
    "encrypted": "GktZqypxDbZUuCW5WfhGcw==",
    "encodedObject": "AES-128"
#AES-256 key wrapped by ECC public key
     "version": 1,
    "encoding": "Curve41417",
    "keyID": "I0zFCdE4foQamhXa/f1u4Q==",
    "keySuite": "AES-256",
    "mac": "wHgedFID0nQ=",
    "encrypted": "MIGkBglghkgBZQMEAgEE...vtdB+wVgNQcufVkoork3mY="
#AES-128 key split into 8 shares with payload and one of the shares
    "version": 1,
    "encoding": "Shamir-AES256",
    "keySuite": "AES-128",
    "mac": "POStvPXgTXA=",
    "threshold": 6,
    "totalShares": 8,
    "shareOwner": "qRiYlopAc3w=",
    "iv": "xsbKvBr8bh3BprWy+pZnqhO6Gwj035RyNKgOcpmHiuE=",
    "encrypted": "t/L35MhILRR2cBh2QHeKqw==",
    "shareIDs": [
    "version": 1,
    "keySuite": "Shamir",
    "shareOwner": "qRiYlopAc3w=",
    "shareID": "/uVqyD/TCw8=",
    "threshold": 6,
    "index": 5,
    "encrypted": "mkfi6TjyBi1lGzFEwZ9+dJJoKXpWz2Xk6SxMX6t/Vos=",
#Curve41417 self-signed public key 

Getting Started

The minimum deployment target is iOS 9.2 / macOS 10.10 / tvOS 9.0 / watchOS 2.0.


The easiest way to install S4Crypto is using CocoaPods.

pod 'S4Crypto', :git=>'https://github.com/4th-ATechnologies/S4'

After pod install open your .xcworkspace and import:

// Swift
import S4Crypto     
// Objective-C on iOS 8+ with `use_frameworks!`
@import S4Crypto;


The S4Crypto.xcodeproj project contains framework targets for iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS.

Building S4Crypto

If you wish to build the frameworks yourself you can either use the makefile or the 'S4Crypto.xcodeproj' file

Building for macOS

The macOS version of S4Crypto is built using Xcode 10.1. and uses the S4Crypto-osx target. This will produce the S4Crypto.Framework in the build/osx/Debug or build/osx/Release directory. Both Xcode tests and Operational tests have been provided. The Operational tests can be built and run using the S4-optest Xcode target.

Building for iOS

The iOS version of S4Crypto is built using Xcode Xcode 10.1.. and can produce either a static library or a framework. Only the Xcode tests which calls the Operational tests have been provided. The Xcode test Operational tests can be built and run using the S4Crypto-ios-static test target.

Building for JavaScript using Web Assembly

S4Crypto can be built for JavaScript using the emsdk The simplest way to build this project is simply to run make em_s4. This will produce libS4.js, libS4.wasm, and libS4.bc files.

Operational Tests

S4Crypto includes a complete set of operational tests that exercises all of the logical interfaces and can be used as part of a FIPS-140 validation.

On macOS the operation tests can be created by make optest_osx and then run by make make run_optest_osx.

CAVP Tests

S4Crypto has the ability to process the follow test vectors produced by the CAVP

  • AES block cipher in ECB, CBC modes
  • Secure Hashing SHA-1, SHA-2 and SHA-3
  • Message Authentication (HMAC)

On macOS the operation tests can be created by make cavp_osx and then run by make make run_cavp. A set of known answer tests (KAT) are provided.