FirebasePerformance 7.2.0

FirebasePerformance 7.2.0

License Custom
ReleasedLast Release Dec 2020

Maintained by Google.

Depends on:
FirebaseCore~> 7.0
FirebaseInstallations~> 7.0
FirebaseRemoteConfig~> 7.0
GTMSessionFetcher/Core~> 1.1
GoogleDataTransport~> 8.0
GoogleToolboxForMac/Logger~> 2.1
GoogleToolboxForMac/NSData+zlib~> 2.1
GoogleUtilities/Environment~> 7.0
GoogleUtilities/ISASwizzler~> 7.0
GoogleUtilities/MethodSwizzler~> 7.0
Protobuf~> 3.12

  • By
  • Google, Inc.

Firebase Performance

Firebase Performance is a free mobile app performance analytics service. It
provides detailed information about the performance of your apps automatically,
but works at its best with Timers set by you. For more information about app
performance and many other cool mobile services, check out [Firebase]

Getting Started with Cocoapods

  1. Follow the instructions for
    setting up Firebase

  2. Add the following to your Podfile

    pod 'Firebase/Performance'