FirebaseRemoteConfig 4.3.0

FirebaseRemoteConfig 4.3.0

License Custom
ReleasedLast Release Aug 2019

Maintained by Google.

Depends on:
FirebaseABTesting~> 3.1
FirebaseAnalyticsInterop~> 1.4
FirebaseCore~> 6.2
FirebaseInstanceID~> 4.2
GoogleUtilities/Environment~> 6.0
GoogleUtilities/NSData+zlib~> 6.0
Protobuf~> 3.5

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  • Google, Inc.

Firebase Remote Config SDK for iOS

This pod contains the Firebase Remote Config SDK for iOS, supporting both Objective-C and Swift.

Firebase Remote Config is a cloud service that lets you change the appearance and behavior of your app without requiring users to download an app update.

Please visit [our developer site] ( for integration instructions, documentation, support information, and terms of service.