GoogleDataTransport 9.4.1

GoogleDataTransport 9.4.1

Maintained by Google.

Depends on:
GoogleUtilities/Environment~> 7.7
nanopb< 2.30911.0, >= 2.30908.0
PromisesObjC< 3.0, >= 1.2

  • By
  • Google, Inc.

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This library is for internal Google use only. It allows the logging of data and telemetry from Google SDKs.

Integration Testing

These instructions apply to minor and patch version updates. Major versions need a customized adaptation.

After the CI is green:

  • Determine the next version for release by checking the tagged releases. Ensure that the next release version keeps the Swift PM and CocoaPods versions in sync.
  • Verify that the releasing version is the latest entry in the, updating it if necessary.
  • Update the version in the podspec to match the latest entry in the
  • Checkout the main branch and ensure it is up to date.
    git checkout main
    git pull
  • Add the CocoaPods tag ({version} will be the latest version in the podspec)
    git tag CocoaPods-{version}
    git push origin CocoaPods-{version}
  • Push the podspec to the designated repo
    • If this version of GDT is intended to launch before or with the next Firebase release:

      Push to SpecsStaging
      pod repo push --skip-tests staging GoogleDataTransport.podspec

      If the command fails with Unable to find the 'staging' repo., add the staging repo with:

      pod repo add staging [email protected]:firebase/SpecsStaging.git
    • Otherwise:

      Push to SpecsDev
      pod repo push --skip-tests dev GoogleDataTransport.podspec

      If the command fails with Unable to find the 'dev' repo., add the dev repo with:

      pod repo add dev [email protected]:firebase/SpecsDev.git
  • Run Firebase CI by waiting until next nightly or adding a PR that touches Gemfile.
  • On google3, create a workspace and new CL. Then copybara and run a global TAP.
    /google/data/ro/teams/copybara/copybara third_party/firebase/ios/Releases/GoogleDataTransport/ \
    --piper-description-behavior=OVERWRITE \
    --destination-cl=YOUR_CL gdt


The release process is as follows:

  1. Tag and release for Swift PM
  2. Publish to CocoaPods
  3. Create GitHub Release
  4. Perform post release cleanup

Swift Package Manager

By creating and pushing a tag for Swift PM, the newly tagged version will be immediately released for public use. Given this, please verify the intended time of release for Swift PM.

  • Add a version tag for Swift PM
git tag {version}
git push origin {version}

Note: Ensure that any inflight PRs that depend on the new GoogleDataTransport version are updated to point to the newly tagged version rather than a checksum.


  • Publish the newly versioned pod to CocoaPods

    It's recommended to point to the GoogleDataTransport.podspec in staging to make sure the correct spec is being published.

    pod trunk push ~/.cocoapods/repos/staging/GoogleDataTransport/{version}/GoogleDataTransport.podspec --skip-tests

    The pod push was successful if the above command logs: 🚀 GoogleDataTransport ({version}) successfully published. In addition, a new commit that publishes the new version (co-authored by CocoaPodsAtGoogle) should appear in the CocoaPods specs repo. Last, the latest version should be displayed on GoogleDataTransport's CocoaPods page.

Create GitHub Release

Update the release template's Tag version and Release title fields with the latest version. In addition, reference the Release Notes in the release's description.

See this release for an example.

Don't forget to perform the post release cleanup!

Post Release Cleanup

Clean up SpecsStaging
mkdir -p /tmp/release-cleanup && cd $_
git clone [email protected]:firebase/SpecsStaging.git
cd SpecsStaging/
git rm -rf GoogleDataTransport/
git commit -m "Post publish cleanup"
git push origin master
rm -rf /tmp/release-cleanup
cd $pwd

Set logging level


  • Import GoogleDataTransport module:
    import GoogleDataTransport
  • Set logging level global variable to the desired value before calling FirebaseApp.configure():
    GDTCORConsoleLoggerLoggingLevel = GDTCORLoggingLevel.debug.rawValue


  • Import GoogleDataTransport:
    #import <GoogleDataTransport/GoogleDataTransport.h>
  • Set logging level global variable to the desired value before calling -[FIRApp configure]:
    GDTCORConsoleLoggerLoggingLevel = GDTCORLoggingLevelDebug;


  • gem install --user cocoapods cocoapods-generate
  • brew install protobuf nanopb-generator
  • easy_install --user protobuf

To develop

  • Run ./GoogleDataTransport/ after installing the prereqs

When adding new logging endpoint

  • Use commands similar to:
    • python -c "line=''; print line[0::2]"
    • python -c "line=''; print line[1::2]"

When adding internal code that shouldn't be easily usable on github

  • Consider using go/copybara-library/scrubbing#cc_scrub


Ensure that you have at least the following software:

For the pod that you want to develop:

pod gen GoogleDataTransport.podspec --local-sources=./ --auto-open --platforms=ios

Note: If the CocoaPods cache is out of date, you may need to run pod repo update before the pod gen command.

Note: Set the --platforms option to macos or tvos to develop/test for those platforms. Since 10.2, Xcode does not properly handle multi-platform CocoaPods workspaces.

Development for Catalyst

  • pod gen GoogleDataTransport.podspec --local-sources=./ --auto-open --platforms=ios
  • Check the Mac box in the App-iOS Build Settings
  • Sign the App in the Settings Signing & Capabilities tab
  • Click Pods in the Project Manager
  • Add Signing to the iOS host app and unit test targets
  • Select the Unit-unit scheme
  • Run it to build and test

Alternatively disable signing in each target:

  • Go to Build Settings tab
  • Click +
  • Select Add User-Defined Setting
  • Add CODE_SIGNING_REQUIRED setting with a value of NO

Code Formatting

To ensure that the code is formatted consistently, run the script ./scripts/ before creating a PR.

GitHub Actions will verify that any code changes are done in a style compliant way. Install clang-format and mint:

brew install clang-format@16
brew install mint

Running Unit Tests

Select a scheme and press Command-u to build a component and run its unit tests.


See Contributing for more information on contributing to the Firebase iOS SDK.


The contents of this repository is licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0.