taglib 1.9.1-4

taglib 1.9.1-4

LangLanguage C++C++
License Custom
ReleasedLast Release Feb 2015

Maintained by Unclaimed.

taglib 1.9.1-4

  • By
  • Scott Wheeler, Lukas Lalinsky, Ismael Orenstein, Allan Sandfeld Jensen, Teemu Tervo, Mathias Panzenbock and Tsuda Kageyu

taglib-pod v1.9.1

This is a cocoapod wrapper around taglib for OSX: https://github.com/taglib/taglib

Reporting issues and pull-requests

Please only report issues and send pull-requests related to the cocoapod part of this project. For anything to do with taglib itself, head over to the main taglib repo and report the issue there.


Do you have an awesome idea that deserves to be in taglib-pod? You might consider pinging DidierMalenfant first to make sure he hasn't already ruled it out for some reason. Otherwise pull requests are great, and make sure you stick to the local coding conventions. However, please be patient and if you haven't heard anything from DidierMalenfant for a week or more, you might want to send a note asking what's up.


taglib-pod can be installed using CocoaPods:

pod 'taglib', '~> 1.9.1-3'

Pre-release version is used to differentiate different version of the pod from the version used in taglib itself. Version 1.9.1-3 means release 3 of the pod based on taglib 1.9.1. The pod version might includes modification to taglib since the 1.9.1 release or changes/fixes to the pod itself.