keytechkit 0.2.11

keytechkit 0.2.11

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Oct 2021

Maintained by Thorsten Claus.

Depends on:
RestKit~> 0.27
SSZipArchive>= 0

keytechkit 0.2.11

  • By
  • Thorsten Claus


keytechKit is a iOS / OSX framework for accessing the german keytech PLM Web API.

Build Status

Try out the keytech SDK

You can try the keytechKit SDK with pod try. Run the following command to temporary clone source and start immediately an example project.

$ pod try keytechkit

Start building a project

In your project folder do a pod init to create a smart podfile with some defaults.

Thens simply add the following to your Podfile:

pod 'keytechkit', '~>0.2'

keytechKit works for iOS >=9.3 and OSX >=10.9

Please remind that keytech provides a public Web-API to test and develop, but to use this in your own envoronment you will need a suitable license. Contact keytech for terms and conditions.

What can you do with this?

keytechKit supports: Most of keytech Web-API resources:

  • Search for elements: by Text, direct field value, with class restrictions
  • Creating, updating and deleting of elements
  • Loading of Elements Structure, WhereUsed, Thumbnails, Notes, BOM, Files
  • Fetching User with favorites, stored queries
  • Fetching class definitions

How do I get set up?

Add the pod and then start to connect to a server:

    // Read ServerURL from environment
    NSString *serverURL = [[[NSProcessInfo processInfo]environment] objectForKey:@"APIURL"];
    NSString *username = [[[NSProcessInfo processInfo]environment] objectForKey:@"APIUserName"];

    // Setup credentials
    [KTManager sharedManager].servername = serverURL;
    [KTManager sharedManager].username =username;
    [[KTManager sharedManager]  synchronizeServerCredentials];
    // Read Server side basic information
    [[KTServerInfo sharedServerInfo] waitUnitlLoad];

    [[KTServerInfo sharedServerInfo]loadWithSuccess:^(KTServerInfo *serverInfo) {
        // Store some basic Infos
        NSString *apiVersion = serverInfo.APIVersion;
        NSString *baseURL = [KTServerInfo sharedServerInfo].baseURL;

    } failure:^(NSError *error) {

        UIAlertView *alert = [[UIAlertView alloc]initWithTitle:@""
        [alert show];

Start a simple query

To start a query to get elements with the keyword 'Steam' in it, check this code:

    // Start a paging object
    KTPagedObject *paging = [KTPagedObject initWithPage:1

    NSString *searchtext = @"Steam";  // Search 'Steam' related elements

    KTQuery *query = [[KTQuery alloc]init];
    [query queryByText:searchtext           // a text based search
                fields:nil                  // no special fields
             inClasses:nil                  // no special keytech classes (all in this case)
                reload:false                //                  
                 paged:paging               // use a paging object
               success:^(NSArray *results) {
                    // results is a array with KTElement Objects in it
                   [self progressElements:results];
               failure:^(NSError* error){
                   // Progress the error

Fields and Classes can be an array to specify more precisely the results.

You can of course use a swift project. Ask me if you are interested in more samples in swift.


keytechKit is licensed under the MIT license. Read the LICENSE file for details.

Who do I talk to?

keytechKit was made and is maintenanced by Thorsten Claus