iOS-Flip-Transform 0.0.1

iOS-Flip-Transform 0.0.1

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Dec 2014

Maintained by Unclaimed.

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Animation component for the effect of flipping as in a news/clock ticker, or a page turn.

Structured around the idea of a data object (i.e. headline in news, number in a clock, page in a book) as an animation frame, comprised of multiple CALayers.

Supports 3 interaction modes:

  • Triggered: as in a tap to flip
  • Auto: as in a revolving flip that loops through data
  • Controlled: as in a pan gesture that moves the flip layer according to touch

Supports different types of content:

  • Blank, with background color
  • With image, whether from file or screenshot
  • With dynamic text, either composited on background or on image

Basic Usage

  1. Create delegate object -
    AnimationDelegate *animationDelegate = [[AnimationDelegate alloc] initWithSequenceType: directionType:];

  2. Create flip view (either vertical or horizontal flip animation type) and assign it to animation delegate -
    FlipView *flipView = [[FlipView alloc] initWithAnimationType: animationDelegate: frame:];
    animationDelegate.transformView = flipView;

  3. Add flip view as subview and customize properties (refer below for configurable list)

  4. Call [flipView printText: usingImage: backgroundColor: textColor:] to draw each frame (minimum of 2)

  5. Call [animationDelegate startAnimation:] to start the animation. For using buttons or pan gesture, look at the animation controller example

Note: To remove jagged edges during flipping, set Renders with edge antialiasing in the project plist to YES. This may decrease performance.

Configurable Properties

Animation Delegate

  • repeatDelay: Length of time to the next flip after the current flip completes (only for auto interaction mode)
  • shadow: Whether or not to display shadow
  • repeat: Whether or not to loop through animation frames (only for auto interaction mode)
  • sensitivity: Positive modifier for input to animation response. Higher the sensitivity, greater the response. (only for controlled interaction mode)
  • gravity: Positive modifier for speed of movement to nearest resting state after input is removed. Higher the gravity, faster the speed. (only for controlled interaction mode)
  • perspectiveDepth: Positive value for adjusting the perspective. Lower the value, greater the illusion of depth.
  • nextDuration: duration of the next flip animation


  • textInset: inset of text relative to the flip view, like border margin
  • textOffset: positioning of text relative to top left of the flip view
  • fontSize: font size
  • font: font string, can be custom or inbuilt, defaults to Helvetica
  • fontAlignment: left, center or right alignment
  • textTruncationMode: none, start, middle or end truncation
  • sublayerCornerRadius: corner radius to apply to each sub panel of the flip view