WordPress-Editor-iOS 1.19.4

WordPress-Editor-iOS 1.19.4

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Aztec for iOS: Native HTML Editor

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About Aztec & WordPressEditor

Aztec is a Swift library that provides a UITextView subclass with HTML visual-editing capabilities.

  • Use this library if you want to create an App that interacts with raw HTML content.

WordPressEditor is a Swift library that provides a plugin to make Aztec work with WordPress content.

  • Use this library if you want to create an App that interacts with WordPress HTML content.


  • iOS 11 and above
  • Xcode 12 and above

Running the Example App

To run the Example app, you first open the file Aztec.xcworkspace from the root directory of Aztec.

Make sure the AztecExample target it selected, and press CMD + R to run it.

Integrating the Library with Carthage

Both libraries are available through Carthage. To install it, simply add the following line to your Cartfile:

github "wordpress-mobile/AztecEditor-iOS" "1.0" # or the version number you want
github "wordpress-mobile/WordPressEditor-iOS" "1.0"

Follow these instructions to add Aztec.framework or WordPressEditor.framework to your App.


  1. Open your project, head to Build Settings for your target and add $(SDKROOT)/usr/include/libxml2/ to your Header Search Paths.
  2. Go to Build Phases > Link Binary With Libraries and add Aztec.framework.
  3. Add import Aztec to your project's source.

Integrating the Library with CocoaPods

Both libraries are available through CocoaPods. To install them, simply add the following lines to your Podfile:

pod "WordPress-Aztec-iOS", "1.0" # or the version number you want
pod "WordPress-Editor-iOS", "1.0"


After installing Aztec, import the module and use the Aztec.TextView view as shown below:

import Aztec

// ...

let textView = Aztec.TextView(
    defaultFont: UIFont,
    defaultParagraphStyle: ParagraphStyle = ParagraphStyle.default,
    defaultMissingImage: UIImage) {


Read our Contributing Guide to learn about reporting issues, contributing code, and more ways to contribute.

Getting in Touch

If you have questions about getting setup or just want to say hi, join the WordPress Slack and drop a message on the #mobile channel.


AztecEditor-iOS and WordPress-Editor-iOS are open source projects covered by the Mozilla Public License Version 2.0.