VLMHarlemShake 0.0.1

VLMHarlemShake 0.0.1

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Dec 2014

Maintained by Unclaimed.

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  • Velos Mobile

(see the blog post about this here)

VLMHarlemShake is a simple class to make your iPhone or iPad app go crazy. You probably thought the Harlem Shake was over, didn't you? It probably is, but here's one more stupid harlem shake inspired gag.

NOTE: Please don't ship this. And if you do, do so at your own peril. I personally wouldn't though as it does some pretty nasty subview diving.


First include AVFoundation.framework and QuartzCore.framework into your project. Then just instantiate a VLMHarlemShake object

// create the shake object and point it to the view you want to 'shake' at first.
VLMHarlemShake *harlemShake = [[VLMHarlemShake alloc] initWithLonerView:lonerView];

// start shaking!
[harlemShake shakeWithCompletion:^{
    // called when the shaking is over.


I've included the example project HarlemShakeDemo. It's pretty simple. You can also check out a video of it in action


If you have any thoughts or comments, send us an email at feedback at the domain velosmobile.com.


I don't really have a good answer for that.


This idea loosely based on YouTube's harlem shake thing. Audio is Harlem Shake by Baauer. Please observe copyright and stuff.