UIViewPlusPosition 0.0.1

UIViewPlusPosition 0.0.1

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License Custom
ReleasedLast Release Dec 2014

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moriarty is a collection of small classes that are useful for Objective-C and iOS projects. The repository home is at:



This category is designed to help with memory management. Specifically, this makes it easy to only work with autoreleased objects outside of a small number of ownership-allowed methods. The rules suggested for use with this category are described here.


This category enables you to treat one- or two-dimensional position parameters of a UIView like direct variables.

For example, this code will not compile:

myView.frame.origin.x += 10;

With this category, you can achieve the desired effect with code like this:

myView.frameX += 10;

Here's the post about this class.


UIColor is not mutable; this class is. This also allows changes in both RGB and HSV color spaces (with conversion between the two).

Here's the post about this class.


A UIView subclass for rendering very nice-looking pie charts.

Here's the post about this class.


A UIView subclass for showing a wipe-vanish animation of an image.

This is a wipe animation (you can do them in other directions than this):

//  1.  /----\
//      |----|
//      \----/
//  2.    ---\
//        ---|
//        ---/
//  3.      -\
//          -|
//          -/
//  4.

Here's the post about this class.


A UIView subclass for rending a single line between any two points. Yes, you can do this with Quartz; this is easier to use if you just want a few visual lines without diving down into CGContextStuff functions (CG = Core Graphics).


LineView *lineView = [LineView lineFromPoint:CGPointZero toPoint:CGPointMake(20, 30)];
[self.view addSubview:lineView];

Here's the relevant blog post.


Adds the method hmacWithKey: to NSString, which uses SHA256 to produce an authentication code (the HMAC). Use it like this:

NSString *key = @"a9bk342nziAFD234";  // Your private key.
NSString *hmac = [messageStr hmacWithKey:key];
// Now send the hmac with the message, and the server can authenticate.


This is a set of macros that can provide line-by-line, nanosecond-resolution timing information for your app. Here's the post about CodeTimestamps.


A struct and collection of C functions to act as a fast, low-level replacement for NSMutableArray. Only appropriate in extremely time-sensitive code. Here's the post about CArray.


This is a config file for the uncrustify auto-formatting tool that can be used to clean up Objective-C h,m files.

Here is a sample command-line to use this config file:

/Applications/UniversalIndentGUI/indenters/uncrustify -c uncrustify.cfg -lOC -f MyFile.m -o MyFile.m

I suggest installing UniversalIndentGUI, which includes uncrustify as a component. The uncrustify library on its own appears to be questionably maintained (I could not get it to install correctly).


Here's the post about this file.