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ReleasedLast Release Nov 2016

Maintained by Yourtion Guo, Jasee XU.


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SuperID - A unique face openID

SuperID SDK enables developers to integrate face-login function into their native apps easily. this new login approach can free users from remembering lots of passwords.Based on user’s authorization, SuperID SDK also can provide user’s face attributes data for developers’ applications.

Getting Started

  1. Register as a SuperID developer at our website:
  2. Download the SDK for iOS or via Cocoapods by adding the 'SuperID' pods.
  3. Creat a SuperID App in our Super Deveoper Center website: Deveoper Center.
  4. Check-out the tutorials available online at: Getting Started.
  5. Start coding! Visit SuperID Doc for tutorials and reference documentation.

NOTE: The SuperID iOS SDK only supports iOS 7 or higher.



You can download iOS sample for SuperID SDK here:

iOS Sample:

swift Sample:

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