SPTScrollViewScrubber 1.0.0

SPTScrollViewScrubber 1.0.0

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Dec 2014

Maintained by Unclaimed.

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  • Tim Mecking (sptim)


SPTScrollViewScrubberController adds a scrubber to an instance of UIScrollView or any of its subclasses to quickly scroll through large contents.

It was inspired by NSScreencast episode 97: Scrolling Nub (11/28/2013).

Using SPTScrollViewScrubberController with UITableView

Adding a scrubber to an UITableView instance programmatically

Only 2 steps are necessary to add a scrubber to a table view.

  1. Import the header and add a property for the SPTScrollViewScrubberController instance of your UITableViewController subclass.

    @property (nonatomic,strong) SPTScrollViewScrubberController* scrubController;
  2. In your -viewDidLoad method instanciate and setup the SPTScrollViewScrubberController object.

    self.scrubController=[[SPTScrollViewScrubberController alloc] init];

UITableViewDelegate Methods

If you cannot make the SPTScrollViewScrubberController instance the delegate of the table view, you must forward 3 delegate methods from your table view delegate (usually the UITableViewController subclass) to the scrubber controller:

-(void)scrollViewDidScroll:(UIScrollView*)scrollView {
    [self.scrubController scrollViewDidScroll:scrollView];
-(void)scrollViewDidEndDragging:(UIScrollView *)scrollView willDecelerate:(BOOL)decelerate {
    [self.scrubController scrollViewDidEndDragging:scrollView willDecelerate:decelerate];
 -(void)scrollViewDidEndDecelerating:(UIScrollView *)scrollView {
    [self.scrubberController scrollViewDidEndDecelerating:scrollView];

Scrubber View

You most probably want to use a custom scrubber view. To do so just set the scrubberView property to an instance of UIView or any of its subclasses. There must not be any autolayout constraints attached to that view. Use its frame or center property to position and size it.

By default SPTScrollViewScrubberController only changes the scrubberViews position on the scrubbing/scrolling axis(es). When used with UITableView this is always the vertical axis (y coordinate).

If you set the horizontalAlignment property on the controller, it will also position the scrubberView on the horizontal axis. You can choose to have it pinned to any side or the center of the scroll view. When the frame of the scrollView changes, i.e. because of interface rotation, the SPTScrollViewScrubberController will adjust the scrubberViews position accordingly.

The margin, i.e. free space between the scrollViews edge and the scrubberView, can be configured using SPTScrollViewScrubberController's edgeInsets property.

The scrubber view will be hidden if the table views content height is less than 2 times its content area height. The content area is determined by by applying its content inset to its bounds. You can adjust the minimum factor at which the scrubber will be shown by setting the minimumVerticalScrollFactor property of your SPTScrollViewScrubberController instance. The factor must be greater than 1.0.

View Transitions & Animations

The scrubber can be in 3 different states:

  • unselected / unhighlighted

    This is the idle state. By default the scrubber view is faded out by having its alpha value set to 0.3.

  • selected / unhighlighted

    During any scroll event the scrubber view enters this state. After some delay it returns to the previous state. In the default configuration the view's alpha value is set to 1.0.

  • selected / highlighted

    While the user touches and holds the scrubber view, its in this state. There is no visual difference from the previous state in the default configuration.

There are four block properties on SPTScrollViewScrubberController to configure the view transitions:

  1. @property (nonatomic,copy) void(^highlightScrubberView)(UIView* view);

  2. @property (nonatomic,copy) void(^unhighlightScrubberView)(UIView* view);

  3. @property (nonatomic,copy) void(^selectScrubberView)(UIView* view);

  4. @property (nonatomic,copy) void(^deselectScrubberView)(UIView* view);

Each get called with a pointer to the scrubberView object as the argument. The default implementations set the corresponding property of the scrubberView object if it responds to the setter selector (-[setSelected:], -[setHighlighted:]). The select/unselect blocks also set the view's alpha value as described above.

Currently the only transition which gets animated is deselect. Its animation speed is configured by the deselectAnimationDuration property of the scrubber controller. After a scroll operation finishes, deselection is delayed by the time interval specified in the deselectDelay property.