RadioGroup 1.4.8

RadioGroup 1.4.8

Maintained by Yonat Sharon.


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The missing iOS radio buttons group.


let radioGroup = RadioGroup(titles: ["First Option Title", "Another Option Title", "Last"])
radioGroup.selectedIndex = 0
radioGroup.addTarget(self, action: #selector(optionSelected), forControlEvents: .valueChanged)

SwiftUI Usage

RadioGroupPicker(selectedIndex: $selection, titles: ["One", "Two", "Three"])

Changing Appearance

The properties below can be set in Interface Builder, in code, or through a UIAppearance proxy (e.g., RadioGroup.appearance().titleColor = .red). When using SwiftUI you can set them in the RadioGroupPicker initializer, or use as view modifiers (e.g., .buttonSize(32)). .


radioGroup.isVertical = false           // default is true => buttons are stacked vertically
radioGroup.titleAlignment = .right
radioGroup.isButtonAfterTitle = true    // default is false => button left (leading) relative to title

Color and Font:

radioGroup.tintColor = .green       // surrounding ring
radioGroup.selectedColor = .red     // inner circle (default is same color as ring)
radioGroup.selectedTintColor = .blue  // selected radio button's surrounding ring (default is tintColor)

radioGroup.titleColor = .blue
radioGroup.titleFont = myFont

Or use attributed strings:

radioGroup.attributedTitles = [
    NSAttributedString(string: "Italic", attributes: [.obliqueness: 0.3]),
    NSAttributedString(string: "Underline", attributes: [.underlineStyle: 1]),


radioGroup.buttonSize = 42.0
radioGroup.spacing = 12             // spacing between buttons
radioGroup.itemSpacing = 12         // horizontal spacing between button and title

Button appearance:

RadioButton.appearance().size = 32              // height=width of button
RadioButton.appearance().ringWidth = 3
RadioButton.appearance().ringSpacing = 7        // space between outer ring and inner circle
RadioButton.appearance().selectedColor = .blue  // color of inner circle



pod 'RadioGroup'

Swift Package Manager:

dependencies: [
    .package(url: "", from: "1.4.3")