RZUtils 2.7.0

RZUtils 2.7.0

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
ReleasedLast Release Oct 2018

Maintained by Nick Donaldson, Michael Gorbach, Alex Rouse, Nick Bonatsakis, Rightpoint CI, Raiz Labs.

RZUtils 2.7.0

  • By
  • Stephen Barnes, Nick Bonatsakis, Nick Donaldson, Zev Eisenberg, Andrew McKnight and Alex Rouse


Version CircleCI License Platform

A collection of helpful utilities and components for iOS development.



The podspec for RZUtils is fully segmented into subspecs by directory (effectively one subspec per individual category type or component). See below for examples.

All of RZUtils

pod 'RZUtils'

All Categories

pod 'RZUtils/Categories'

All Components

pod 'RZUtils/Components'

All Utilities or Test Utilities

pod 'RZUtils/Utilities'
pod 'RZUtils/TestUtilities'

Specific Classes

To import only a specific category, component, or utility, the subspec should mirror the directory structure. For example:

pod 'RZUtils/Categories/NSString'
pod 'RZUtils/Categories/KVO'
pod 'RZUtils/Components/RZProgressView'

Manual Installation

Simply copy the relevant file into your project. If the files import any frameworks, link against those frameworks.

Categories Overview


  • CAAnimation+RZBlocks

    Completion blocks for CAAnimation


  • NSObject+RZBlockKVO

    KVO with blocks and automatic observer removal on dealloc


  • NSDate+RZExtensions

    Common date manipulations


  • NSDictionary+RZExtensions

    Convenience methods for NSDictionary (NSNull check, etc)


  • NSAttributedString+RZExtensions

    Simplified attributed string initializer and other utils

  • NSString+RZStringFormatting

    Common string formatting methods

  • NSString+RZStringSize

    Replacement for string sizing methods deprecated in iOS 7.


  • NSUndoManager+RZBlockUndo

    Block-based interface for undo manager.


  • UIAlertView+RZCompletionBlocks

    Block API for UIAlertView actions


  • UIColor+RZExtensions

    UIColor creation utilities


  • UIFont+RZExtensions

    Funky fresh font features


  • UIImage+RZAverageColor

    Calculates the average color of a UIImage instance.

  • UIImage+RZResize

    Methods for resizing an image given an aspect ratio.

  • UIImage+RZSnapshotHelpers

    Method for snapshotting and creating a UIImage from a UIView using iOS7's drawViewHierarchyInRect. Contains a faster version of Apple's image blur method for iOS7 (with view screenshot). iOS7+ only.

  • UIImage+RZSolidColor

    Category on UIImage to return a solid color image of a specified size. Especially useful to set a state-dependent background color on UIButton, like: [aButton setBackgroundImage:[UIImage rz_solidColorImageWithSize:CGSizeMake(1.0f, 1.0f) color:[UIColor redColor]]].

  • UIImage+RZStretchHelpers

    Stretch and cap inset methods for UIImage


  • UITableViewCell+RZCellStyling

    Methods for styling top, bottom, and middle tableview cells for grouped table views


  • UIView+RZAutoLayoutHelpers

    Common code-level autolayout tasks made easier.

  • UIView+RZBorders

    Borders on arbitrary sides of any UIView

  • UIView+RZFrameUtils

    Easy adjustments to UIView frames


  • UIViewController+RZKeyboardWatcher

    Utility for scripting animation blocks in response to keyboard appearance/disappearance notifications.

Components Overview


UILabel subclass that animates its text from one value to another with an optional custom formatting block.


A set of utilities for presenting various "About" elements such as the "Built by RZ" logo and feedback.


Replacement for UIImageView-based animated .png sequences that calls a completion block when the animation is finished. Believe it or not, there is no way to do this otherwise.


UIControl subclass that acts like a UIButton but allows the addition and layout of arbitrary subviews.


Is it a Collection View or a Table View? The world may never know... (Spoiler: It's a Collection View)

RZCollectionTableView is a collection view layout and accompanying collection view and collection view cell subclasses that mimic the class/delegate interface, look, and feel of UITableView, with a few added enhancements such as customizable section insets, row spacings, and more.


Utility for making collection view item insertion/deletion animations easier.


Basic concurrent NSOperation class that takes a block and executes it after a given time interval. Can be cancelled or reset.


CoreLocation made easy.


UIProgressView is a little broken in iOS 7.0 (weird glitches when animating and resizing), and very broken in iOS 7.1 (can't set custom images; radar here). RZProgressView is a drop-in replacement that fixes these problems.


A basement/reveal menu component.


UIViewController container that uses a segment control to switch between an array of UIViewControllers


A UIViewController subclass for managing a single child view controller contained in any subview container of a parent. Useful for keeping one view static while another view contains one of many potential child view controllers. iOS7+ only.


Extends the functionality of UISplitViewController including allowing it to be presented Modally.


Makes NSURLRequest phone calls that use telprompt by making a tel request to a static UIWebView, which in turn privately calls telprompt. This gives you the benifits of using telprompt without calling it from UIApplication where it is not specifically supported by Apple.


Extensions to UIView for easily loading a subclass from a XIB file.


UIViewController that manages a web view, with associated chrome.

Utilities Overview


Useful macros, mathematical functions, and more.


Useful extensions for working with GCD/libdispatch.


A header with debug log macros that extend NSLog, including verbosity levels.

Test Utilities Overview

All utilities within this directory are intended for use in test code ONLY.


A utility for aiding in testing asynchronous operations.


RZUtils is distributed under an MIT License. See the LICENSE file for more details.


Contributions and pull requests are welcome. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Please open Pull Requests against the develop branch. We periodically coalesce updates into tagged releases with semantic version numbers, which are pushed as podspec updates then merged to master.
  • Ensure that headers are documented using appledoc-style comments. This will allow CocoaDocs to automatically create documentation when the updated podspec is pushed.
  • Aggressively use prefixes (RZ for classes, rz_ for methods) for category methods and class names in order to avoid potential naming collisions.