MVSpeechSynthesizer 1.0.1

MVSpeechSynthesizer 1.0.1

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License Custom
ReleasedLast Release Dec 2014

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Effective way to use an AVSpeechSynthesizer

Why MVSpeechSynthesizer?

1. Simple way to integrate the AVSpeechsynthesizer into your app.

2. Instead of delgate method it provides block methods.

3. Apart from simple usage it can auto detect the language of given string and read.

4. It can higlight currently reading word.

5. It also throw currently reading word

6. It can auto scroll the page if once reached bottom of the text box.

7. It can read all languages which is supported by AVSpeechSynthesizer

8. It can list all supported langauages and their country name


MVSpeechSynthesizer in action
MVSpeechSynthesizer in action - It shows highlight the text.

Custom Keyboard

Who need this?

1. Whoever developing kids reading books

2. Whoever wants to read their EULA or privacy policy to their user

3. Whoever developing apps with voice navigation

4. Whoever wants to integrate reading functionality to thier app

Pod Installation

Add the following to your CocoaPods Podfile

pod 'MVSpeechSynthesizer'

Apps Using this control

Custom Keyboard

Secure Notes - Lock your important notes

Let me know if any other using this control(Just drop a mail)

Future enhancement

1. To read any webpage with highlighted text

2. Gives different voices(female and male)

How to use this?

For changing the language use speechLanguage object

For passing the read string use speechString object

For getting supported langauges call supportedLanguages function

for changing the string just copy some other string and paste on text box.

For choosing language just press language button you will navigate to the list of languages page their you can choose language

For enable and disable the highlight use isHighlight object

For changing speech voice uRate and pitchMultiplier objects

Just initialize the MVSpeechsynthesizer class and do the following steps,

    MVSpeechSynthesizer *mvSpeech=[MVSpeechSynthesizer sharedSyntheSize];//Initialize the class
    mvSpeech.higlightColor=[UIColor yellowColor];//Higlght backgroundcolor
    mvSpeech.isTextHiglight=YES;//If you want to highlight set yes, othgerwise set no.
    mvSpeech.speechString=//Pass string which is need to read.
   mvSpeech.inputView=_helpTextView;//Pass the input view which carries the string.
   [mvSpeech startRead];//Initialize the read function.
   mvSpeech.speechFinishBlock=^(AVSpeechSynthesizer *synthesizer, AVSpeechUtterance *utterence){
     //It will call when read action finished.

Let me know if any issues?