MQTTKit 0.1.0

MQTTKit 0.1.0

LangLanguage CC
License Apache 2
ReleasedLast Release Dec 2014

Maintained by Unclaimed.

MQTTKit 0.1.0

  • By
  • Jeff Mesnil

MQTTKit is a modern event-driven Objective-C library for MQTT 3.1.

It uses Mosquitto 1.2.2 library.

An iOS application using MQTTKit is available at MQTTExample.


Import the MQTTKit.h header file

#import <MQTTKit.h>

Send a Message

// create the client with a unique client ID
NSString *clientID = ...
MQTTClient *client = [[MQTTClient alloc] initWithClientId:clientID];

// connect to the MQTT server
[self.client connectToHost:@"" 
         completionHandler:^(NSUInteger code) {
    if (code == ConnectionAccepted) {
        // when the client is connected, send a MQTT message
        [self.client publishString:@"Hello, MQTT"
                 completionHandler:^(int mid) {
            NSLog(@"message has been delivered");

Subscribe to a Topic and Receive Messages

// define the handler that will be called when MQTT messages are received by the client
[self.client setMessageHandler:^(MQTTMessage *message) {
    NSString *text = [message.payloadString];
    NSLog(@"received message %@", text);

// connect the MQTT client
[self.client connectToHost:@""
         completionHandler:^(MQTTConnectionReturnCode code) {
    if (code == ConnectionAccepted) {
        // when the client is connected, subscribe to the topic to receive message.
        [self.client subscribe:@"/MQTTKit/example"

Disconnect from the server

[self.client disconnectWithCompletionHandler:^(NSUInteger code) {
    // The client is disconnected when this completion handler is called
    NSLog(@"MQTT client is disconnected");