LEAAcronymsKeyboard 1.0

LEAAcronymsKeyboard 1.0

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Dec 2014

Maintained by Unclaimed.

  • By
  • Elena Lagereva

Custom keyboard with most popular english acronyms.

How To Install

pod 'LEAAcronymsKeyboard' or copy /LEAAcronymsKeyboard folder to your project.

Example Usage

If you need complete example please see /example folder.

How it looks

lea example


You can change next properies:

self.acronymTextField.keyboardBackgroundColor = [UIColor whiteColor];
self.acronymTextField.keyboardSplitLineColor = [UIColor lightGrayColor];
self.acronymTextField.keyboardTextColor = [UIColor blueColor];


ARC Enabled. Tested under iOS >= 7.0.


LEAAcronymsKeyboard is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.