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LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Dec 2014

Maintained by Ernesto Rivera.

  • By
  • Kyle Horn


Flat Button for iOS 7 with background color

I developed KHFlatButton to make it really easy to make flat buttons with a solid background color either in code, Storyboards, or Nibs. I've also added support for BarButtons to be used in navigation bars. This is modeled off the Apple Store App and how I use flat buttons most often.

How To Use

To use this either import KHFlatButton.h and .m in your project or add it from cocoapods. After importing you can use one of the built in factory methods to create buttons or set the button's class as KHFlatButton in a Storyboard/Nib file.

Check out the Example directory for an example of how to use KHFlatButton via code and in a Storyboard file. The buttons can be customized however you like using normal button properties.

Check out more on GitHub from Kyle Horn @kylehorn and Blaine Fahey @bfahey


Feel free to use this however you'd like and any credit back would be appreciated. It's using the MIT License which can be found in the License file.

Credit to ijason for the base of this class. https://github.com/ijason/FlatButtons.