JVFloatLabeledTextField 1.2.2

JVFloatLabeledTextField 1.2.2

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Sep 2019

Maintained by Jared Verdi.

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  • Jared Verdi


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JVFloatLabeledTextField is the first implementation of a UX pattern that has come to be known the "Float Label Pattern".

Due to space constraints on mobile devices, it is common to rely solely on placeholders as a means to label fields. This presents a UX problem, in that, once the user begins to fill out a form, no labels are present.

This UI component library, which includes both a UITextField and UITextView subclass, aims to improve the user experience by having placeholders transition into floating labels that hover above the fields after they are populated with text.

Credits for the concept to Matt D. Smith (@mds), and his original design:

Matt D. Smith's Design

The component is officially supported for iOS 7 and greater.

Getting started via CocoaPods

sudo gem install cocoapods

Create a Podfile in your project directory:

pod init

Add the following to your Podfile project's target:

pod 'JVFloatLabeledTextField'

Then run CocoaPods with pod install.

Finally, include JVFloatLabeledTextField.h and JVFloatLabeledTextView.h in your project.

Getting started via Carthage

brew update
brew install carthage

Create a Cartfile in your project directory that contains:

github "jverdi/JVFloatLabeledTextField"

Then run carthage with carthage update and add JVFloatLabeledText.framework to your project from the Carthage/Build/iOS directory.

Finally, include JVFloatLabeledText.h in your project:

#import <JVFloatLabeledText/JVFloatLabeledText.h>

Additional References

How the Float Label Pattern Started - Matt D. Smith
Float Label Pattern - Brad Frost
Material Design - Floating Labels - Google

Ports and Alternate Implementations

Android - Henrik Sandström
Android - Kaushik Gopal
Android - Kevin Johnson
Xamarin.iOS - Greg Shackles
Xamarin.Android - Johan du Toit
CSS Jonathan Snook
JQuery / Zepto.js - Achmad Mahardi
JQuery - Mike Mitchell
AngularJS - Dave Ackerman
Bootstrap plugin - Matt Powell
JavaFX - Andy Till
Swift - Dirk Fabisch
Swift - Fahim Farook
Swift - Neeraj Kumar
Swift - Jimmy Jose
Swift - Skyscanner (Daniel Langh, Gergely Orosz, Raimon Lapuente)
ObjC - Arthur Ariel Sabintsev
ObjC - Rob Phillips
4D - Maurice Inzirillo
Appcelerator Titanium - The Smiths
B4i - Erel Uziel

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