GoogleAds-IMA-iOS-SDK 3.23.0

GoogleAds-IMA-iOS-SDK 3.23.0

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ReleasedLast Release Jun 2024

Maintained by Nick Chavez, Sanil Shah, Keegan, Greg Schoppe, Eric Leichtenschlag.

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  • Google, Inc.


Google Ads IMA SDK for iOS 8.0+.

The IMA iOS SDK v3 allows native application developers to request and track VAST ads in the iOS (8.0+) environment. For a more detailed list of the video ad features supported by each of the IMA SDKs, refer to Video features and SDK versions. For general compatibility information, see the Compatibility page. The v3 IMA iOS SDK supports the same video containers and codecs as v1.

To begin integrating, follow the instructions listed on these pages:

Release History
API Reference
Quick Start

If you have any feedback or questions, please visit the IMA SDK Forum.


pod 'GoogleAds-IMA-iOS-SDK'


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