GiFHUD-Swift 0.3

GiFHUD-Swift 0.3

Maintained by Cem Olcay.

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  • Cem Olcay


progress hud with ability to display gif images implemented with swift


alt tag


pod 'GiFHUD-Swift'


  • import GIFHUD
  • Add your gif file or image sequance files to your project.
// Setup gif image

Thats it!

Just use overlay:duration:) for showing the hud.
GIFHUD.shared.dismiss() for dismissing the hud.

public func setGif(named: String)
public func setGif(bundle: NSBundle)
public func SetGif(images: [UIImage])

You can set your gif with giving its String name, Bundle url or Array of UIImages.

Optional values

var size            : CGFloat           = 150
var fadeDuration    : TimeInterval      = 0.3
var gifSpeed        : CGFloat           = 0.3
var overlayAlpha    : CGFloat           = 0.3

If you want to customise the looking just edit these values


The animated gif to UIImage swift library i used: