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OpenSSL CocoaPod which vends pre-built frameworks for iOS and OSX.


This utilizes openssl-apple as a submodule to perform the building of the OpenSSL library for the configured platforms and architectures. Using these built products, this project continues by creating an xcframework suitable for use by Swift.

Platforms and Architecture

By default is configured to build for macOS, iOS, and iOS Simulator for all architectures, and supporting bitcode. Configuration of additional/alternate platforms and architectures (supported by openssl-apple) should be possible but has not been tested.

Specifically, by default, the resulting xcframework will contain:

  • macos

    • arm64
    • x86_64 FRAMEWORKS_macos='macos-arm64_x86_64'
  • ios

    • arm64
    • arm64e
  • ios-simulator

    • arm64
    • x86_64


Simply add GRKOpenSSLFramework to your podfile:

pod 'GRKOpenSSLFramework'


The repository does not contain a pre-built openssl.xcframework, as it will be built by Cocoapods.

However if you want to build the framework directly, or build for a different OpenSSL version, etc. it should just be as simple as using the ./ make command to cleanly make the openssl.xcframework.

Updating OpenSSL Version

Update the OpenSSL version by augmenting the OPENSSL_VERSION variable in to the desired version and use the ./ make command to cleanly make the framework.

NOTE: the version of OpenSSL is dependent on the ability of the openssl-apple sub-module to build it. Presently it supports the OpenSSL 1.1.1 versions.


Please see the included LICENSE.txt for complete details.


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