GRKBarGraphView 2.0.1

GRKBarGraphView 2.0.1

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ReleasedLast Release Oct 2020

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A UIView subclass which renders a one-item bar graph with an animatable percentage property and configurable orientation, colors, etc. CALayers are used for drawing efficiency and implicit animation.



If you're using CocoPods it's as simple as adding this to your Podfile:

pod 'GRKBarGraphView'

otherwise, simply add the contents of the GRKBarGraphView subdirectory to your project.


GRKBarGraphView is to be used as you would any other UIView and will draw the bar graph to fill its entire bounds. It looks best if relatively thin, as it has a one point border by default.

The main API is documented in GRKBarGraphView.h but at its most basic:

GRKBarGraphView *graphView = ...
graphView.percent = 0.42f;

You can instantiate it as you would any other view, though it will use Autolayout internally.

The color of the graph is determined by the tintColor of the view, but can be explicitly configured, and it is capable of different colors for the bar and border.

Additional documentation is available in GRKBarGraphView.h and example usage can be found in the GRKBarGraphViewTestApp source.


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Please see the included LICENSE.txt for complete details.


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