FieldKit 0.1.4

FieldKit 0.1.4

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Dec 2014

Maintained by Unclaimed.

FieldKit 0.1.4

  • By
  • Luis Laugga


FieldKit is a UI library of custom text fields for iOS:

  • FKTextField is similar to UITextField
  • FKTokenField is similar to NSTokenField in AppKit but adapted to iOS/Touch Interaction
  • FKScrollField adds multiple lines and scrolling to FKTextField


  • The iOS 5.0 SDK is needed to build. It can however run on iOS 4.1 or higher (iPhone/iPad universal app compatible).

  • Suported devices: iPhone/iPad (*)

  • Minimum iOS: 4.1
  • Required Frameworks:
    • CoreText.framework
    • UIKit.framework

How to use FieldKit in your project


  1. Open FieldKit.xcodeproj
  2. Select the 'Framework' scheme
  3. Build (this will build two products, 'FieldKit.framework' and 'FieldKit.bundle')
  4. Import the FieldKit.framework to your project
  5. Add '-ObjC' to Other Linker Flag in Build Settings target section (in order to load Objective-C class categories)
  6. Add FieldKit.framework to Link Binary with Libraries in Build Phases target section
  7. Add FiekdKit.bundle to your project resources

You also need to add the following frameworks to your project:

  • CoreText.framework
  • CoreGraphics.framework


FieldKit doesn't subclass the text fields provided by UIKit. The text input, selection and manipulation is implemented from scratch. It conforms to UITextInput like UITextField.


  • Prefix label (optional)
  • Placeholder (optional)
  • Single line


  • Token view cells (UIControl)
  • Object <-> token representation
  • Possible applications: Could be used to pick values from predefined list (ie. address book, tags, keywords, email adresses, ...)


  • Multiple lines
  • Ability to expand frame beyond initial frame
  • Delegate is notified about changes and can control growing behaviour
  • Will enable scrolling if content doesn't fit frame



The Overview example shows how to use FKTextField and FKTokenField. The text field are presented inside a scroll view.

FieldKit Overview Example Screenshot

Color Tokens

A FKTokenField example, using UIColor instances as represented objects. The provided TokenFieldCell is subclassed. The background color and display string are derived from the UIColor.

Mail Composer

A composer view similar to the iOS Mail application. (work in progress)

Message Composer





  • Full iPad support (not tested)
  • ARC support
  • iOS 7 UI