EmailChecker 0.1

EmailChecker 0.1

LangLanguage C++C++
License Unknown
ReleasedLast Release Aug 2018

Maintained by Enej Bajgoric, Antonis Lilis, Ernesto Carrion, Paolo Musolino, Gerardo Pacheco, Brandon Titus, Evgeny Shurakov, Wendy Chen, Olivier Halligon, Jorge Bernal, Aaron Douglas, Jorge Leandro Perez, Matt Bumgardner, Eric Johnson, Diego Rey Mendez, Elisa Budelli, Eduardo Toledo, Stephenie Harris, Lorenzo Mattei, Daniele Bogo, Sérgio Estêvão, James Frost, Cesar Tardaguila, Thuy Copeland, Jaclyn Chen, Chip Snyder, Jeremy Massel, Emily Laguna, Pinar Olguc, Leandro Alonso, Paul Von Schrottky, Stefanos Togoulidis, Ceyhun Ozugur, Allen Snook, Giovanni Lodi, Jayson Basañes, Rachel McRoberts, Yael Rubinstein, Momo Ozawa, Giorgio Ruscigno, Automattic Mobile.

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  • Maxime Biais

Email Checker for Android and iOS


This library helps to catch simple email domain typos. Its intended to be used as a hint when a user have to enter an email address.

The library is written in C++ and is inspired by the algorithm described here: (Warning, it's not the exact same algo).

How to use it in an Android project

Currently gradle doesn't support NDK, so we used a trick to make it work: it generates a temporary .jar file containing .so, this file is used as a jar dependency for the final .aar file.

If you want to use it in your Android project, your can add it as a library in your build.gradle file, for instance:

dependencies {
    compile 'org.wordpress:emailchecker:0.1'

Sample usage:

String emailToCheck = "[email protected]";
String suggest = (new EmailChecker()).suggestDomainCorrection(email);
if (suggest.compareTo(email) != 0) {
    Log.v("FIXME", "did you mean: " + suggest + " ?");

How to use it in an iOS project

If you use CocoaPods, you just have to add the following pod to your dependency list:

pod 'EmailChecker', :podspec => ''

Sample usage:

NSString *emailToCheck = @"[email protected]";
NSString *suggestedEmail = [EmailChecker suggestDomainCorrection: @"[email protected]"];
if (![suggestedEmail isEqualToString:emailToCheck]) {
    NSLog(@"Did you mean: %@", suggestedEmail);

Directory structure

|-- common                  # common native code
|-- android
|   |-- jni                 # android specific native code
|   `-- src                 # android specific java code
`-- ios
    |-- EmailChecker        # ios specific code
    `-- EmailCheckerTests   # tests

Apps that use this library

WordPress for Android

Screenshot from WordPress Android

WordPress for iOS

Screenshot from WordPress Android


This library is dual licensed unded MIT and GPL v2.