EXPhotoViewer 1.1.2

EXPhotoViewer 1.1.2

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Dec 2014

Maintained by Unclaimed.

A "drop in" photo viewer for iOS, SUPER easy to use, it has the "zoom the rest of the app away effect" It works with any UIImageView, just laying around, in a table, in a cell in a custom made carousel, everywhere!

Whats the "EX" for? it is for EXTRA AWESOME!!!


What it does

It will take the image and:

  • animate it from the current position to the center of the screen to a "fit" position where all the image can be seen, if the image is not big enought to cover the screen it will just center (look at the iPad screens for more detail)
  • The background will dim a little.
  • The rest of the app will back away a little.
  • The full screen image can be zoomed in and out and can be scrolled in any direction if zoomed enought.
  • To exit the full screen mode just tap anywhere.


Import "EXPhotoViewer.h"

Then if for example "anImageView" contains the image you would like to show, just do:

[EXPhotoViewer showImageFrom:anImageView];

and Voila! the rest is just MAGIC! (actually just a bunch of code)

look at ThumbCollectionCell.m line 15 if you would like to see an usage example.


Just include the followings files to your project: EXPhotoViewer


And you are done, no library or framework or weird hacky compiler flag or anything.



image image image image


Simple MIT license, look at the LICENSE file for more details