CooeeSDK 1.4.2

CooeeSDK 1.4.2

Maintained by Surbhi, Shashank Agrawal, Ashish Gaikwad.

Depends on:
HandyJSON~> 5.0.2
Sentry~> 7.23.0

CooeeSDK 1.4.2

  • By
  • Ashish Gaikwad


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What is Cooee?

Lets Cooee powers hyper-personalized and real time engagements for mobile apps based on machine learning. The SaaS platform, hosted on cloud infrastructure processes millions of user transactions and data attributes to create unique and contextual user engagement triggers for end users with simple SDK integration that requires no coding at mobile app level.

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Plug and Play - SDK is plug and play for mobile applications. That means it needs to be initialized with the Application Context and it will work automatically in the background. Independent of Application - SDK is independent of the application. It will collect data points with zero interference from/to the applications. Although applications can send additional data points (if required) to the SDK using API’s. Rendering engagement triggers - SDK will render the campaign trigger at real-time with the help of server http calls. Average SDK size – 5-6 MB(including dependency SDK’s).

Installation & Uses

For detailed installation & uses, Refer iOS documentation.