Sentry 6.0.10

Sentry 6.0.10

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Nov 2020
SPMSupports SPM

Maintained by Sentry, Philipp Hofmann, Bruno Garcia, Daniel Griesser.

Sentry 6.0.10

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Official Sentry SDK for iOS / tvOS / macOS / watchOS (1).

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This SDK is written in Objective-C but also provides a nice Swift interface.


Remember to call this as early in your application life cycle as possible Ideally in applicationDidFinishLaunching in AppDelegate

import Sentry

// ....

SentrySDK.start { options in
    options.dsn = "___PUBLIC_DSN___"
    options.debug = true // Helpful to see what's going on
@import Sentry;

// ....

[SentrySDK startWithConfigureOptions:^(SentryOptions *options) {
    options.dsn = @"___PUBLIC_DSN___";
    options.debug = @YES; // Helpful to see what's going on

For more information checkout the docs.

(1)limited symbolication support and no crash handling.

Sentry Self Hosted Compatibility

Since version 6.0.0 of this SDK, Sentry version >= v20.6.0 is required. This only applies to on-premise Sentry, if you are using no action is needed.

Known limitations

  • Because of an open issue in Carthage this SDK can't be used on Macs with Apple Silicon when importing it via Carthage.


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