Colloc 1.0.4

Colloc 1.0.4

Maintained by Mobile Jazz.

Colloc 1.0.4

Colloc: COLaborative LOCalizations for iOS & Android

Need to localize all strings in a project? Are you going to build the same App both for iOS & Android? This means 2*(number_languages) and can grow pretty quick.

Wouldn't you like a simpler way to do this, while collaborating with your users, customers & team? Enter Colloc.

Colloc is a collaborative platform to manage the localizations for iOS and Android using a Spreadsheet.

You can see Colloc in action here

Using Colloc is really simple

1. Install Colloc

  • just download the script and run it from the command line.
  • install in an iOS project using CocoaPods

Read more about installing Colloc here

2. Create a Spreadsheet containing all the text strings that need to be localized

Basically, you can define all the localization strings of your project in a user-friendly spreadsheet document as it is shown in the image. In this case is a Google Doc Spreadsheet, but you can use a LibreOffice ODS file or Microsoft Excel XLS.

Then, by runing a script you can export all the strings for all languages to iOS and/or Android format.

Learn more about Colloc spreadsheet's simple format and download a template here

3. Export the spreadsheet to a TSV text file

A TSV (Tab Separated Values) is nothing more than a text file with all the columns of your spreadsheet separated by TABs.

Lear more about exporting your spreadsheet to TSV

4. Run the Colloc script

You can run Colloc directly from the command line, or integrate in your projects. Learn more about how to run Colloc.

Code Samples

You can find working samples in the samples folder

Language Support

Currently, Colloc supports the following languages:

Language ISO639
English en
Spanish es
Catalan ca
German de
French fr
Italian it
Portuguese pt
Dutch nl
Swedish sv
Arabic ar
Polish pl
Portuguese pt
Russian ru
Turkish tr
Chinese zh
Greek el
Japanese ja

To use colloc with a different language, just use in the first row of the language-column the ISO639 language code (colloc translates the Language name to the ISO630 if available, otherwise uses the available language name as the language code).


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