Asterism 1.0.0

Asterism 1.0.0

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Dec 2014

Maintained by Robert Böhnke.

Asterism 1.0.0

  • By
  • Robert Böhnke


This project is a collection of scripts created with two goals:

  1. To standardize how Objective-C projects are bootstrapped after cloning
  2. To easily build Objective-C projects on continuous integration servers


Right now, there are two important scripts: bootstrap and cibuild. Both are Bash scripts, to maximize compatibility and eliminate pesky system configuration issues (like setting up a working Ruby environment).

The structure of the scripts on disk is meant to follow that of a typical Ruby project:



This script is responsible for bootstrapping (initializing) your project after it's been checked out. Here, you should install or clone any dependencies that are required for a working build and development environment.

By default, the script will verify that xctool is installed, then initialize and update submodules recursively. If any submodules contain script/bootstrap, that will be run as well.

To check that other tools are installed, you can set the REQUIRED_TOOLS environment variable before running script/bootstrap, or edit it within the script directly. Note that no installation is performed automatically, though this can always be added within your specific project.


This script is responsible for building the project, as you would want it built for continuous integration. This is preferable to putting the logic on the CI server itself, since it ensures that any changes are versioned along with the source.

By default, the script will run bootstrap, look for any Xcode workspace or project in the working directory, then build all targets/schemes (as found by xcodebuild -list) using xctool.

You can also specify the schemes to build by passing them into the script:

script/cibuild ReactiveCocoa-Mac ReactiveCocoa-iOS

As with the bootstrap script, there are several environment variables that can be used to customize behavior. They can be set on the command line before invoking the script, or the defaults changed within the script directly.

Getting Started

To add the scripts to your project, read the contents of this repository into a script folder:

$ git remote add objc-build-scripts
$ git fetch objc-build-scripts
$ git read-tree --prefix=script/ -u objc-build-scripts/master

Then commit the changes, to incorporate the scripts into your own repository's history. You can also freely tweak the scripts for your specific project's needs.

To merge in upstream changes later:

$ git fetch -p objc-build-scripts
$ git merge --ff --squash -Xsubtree=script objc-build-scripts/master