Activity 1.0

Activity 1.0

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Dec 2014

Maintained by Tarun Tyagi.

  • By
  • Tarun Tyagi

Activity - iOS (Objective-C)

Activity is a UIView subclass that creates a customizable loading activity indicator like control.

  • Mimics Apple loading indicator from App Store & Music


  • iOS 7.0 or later. (Uses UIKit Dynamics)
  • QuartzCore.framework
  • ARC enabled.


  • Want a Pod for this, just add following line to your podfile-
pod 'Activity'
  • You can directly copy the source files from Activity folder.

How To Use

Configuring Activity is as simple as :

Activity* activity = [[Activity alloc] initWithStyle:ActivityStyleAppStoreBlue];
activity.frame = CGRectMake(50, 50, 30, 30);
[self.view addSubview:activity];
[activity startAnimating];

Activity takes it over from here. You just need to know start/stop animating.


Activity comes with a property set for it's customization as needed :-

  • style : Choose a style convenient to you from 'StyleActivity' enum

  • ringTintColor : Color for ring displayed as loading circle

  • circulatorTintColor : Color for small circulator traversing ring's circumference

  • ringThickness : Thickness for Ring (Default : 1)

  • ringSize : Diameter for Ring (Default : 28)

  • durationForOneRevolution : Duration for completing one Revolution. (Default : 1)

[UIColor colorWithPatternImage:] advantage

Given that UIColor is capable of color patterns handling made from images, 
Activity can be used to take advantage of this feature.

How It Looks


Demo App

Demo app includes almost all of the property usages through a pretty basic example.
You can go through it to see these in action at first.