AGWaitForAsyncTestHelper 0.1

AGWaitForAsyncTestHelper 0.1

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Mar 2015

Maintained by Unclaimed.

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  • Håvard Fossli


C Macro to wait for any async test and get an STFail() in your test if it exceeds time limit. WAIT_WHILE(whileTrue, limitInSeconds);

Current macros

WAIT_WHILE(whileTrue, limitInSeconds)
WAIT_WHILE_WITH_DESC(whileTrue, seconds, description, ...)
WAIT_WHILE_EQUALS(value1, value2, limitInSeconds)
WAIT_WHILE_EQUALS_WITH_DESC(value1, value2, limitInSeconds, description, ...)
WAIT_WHILE_EQUALS_WITH_ACCURACY(value1, value2, accuracy, limitInSeconds)
WAIT_WHILE_EQUALS_WITH_ACCURACY_WITH_DESC(value1, value2, accuracy, limitInSeconds, description, ...)
WAIT_WHILE_NOT_EQUALS(value, equalTo, limitInSeconds)
WAIT_WHILE_NOT_EQUALS_WITH_DESC(value1, value2, limitInSeconds, description, ...)
AG_STALL_RUNLOPP_WHILE(whileTrue, limitInSeconds)


Most basic

__block BOOL jobDone = NO;

[CEO asyncFireAllEmployes:^{
    jobDone = YES; 

WAIT_WHILE(!jobDone, 0.2); // stalls runloop until jobDone is true

WAIT_WHILEwill stall current runloop for givven timeperiod. It is possible to do job on the main thread and so on.. Like in this silly example

__block BOOL jobDone = NO;

[CEO asyncFireAllEmployes:^{

    dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue(), ^{

        int value = 2 + 2;
        [you tellWife2Plus2Is:4];

        [CEO tellJanitorToStopBuggingYouAsync:^{
            jobDone = YES;

WAIT_WHILE(!jobDone, 0.2); 

Cocoa pods

Not yet added.

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