ABCalendarPicker 1.1.2

ABCalendarPicker 1.1.2

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Mar 2015

Maintained by Anton Bukov.

  • By
  • Anton Bukov

Fully configurable iOS calendar UI component with multiple layouts and smooth animations.

Screenshots of grid layouts

Month, year, 20-years views:


Week view:

Three weeks view (thanks @ChrisJCraft for idea):

Seasoned month view:

Include framework in your project

This library project is "iOS Static Library" and made with this instruction:

Get compiled framework and bundle

  1. Compile project ABCalendarPicker.xcodeproj

  2. Open ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/DerivedData in Finder by pressing ⇧⌘G

  3. Find ABCalendarPicker.framework and ABCalendarPicker.bundle in .../ABCalendarPicker-xxxxxxxxxxx/Build/Products/

Add framework and bundle to your project

  1. Add ABCalendarPicker.framework to your project frameworks

  2. Add ABCalendarPicker.bundle to your project resources

Using ABCalendarPicker class to XIB file

  1. Create UIView object in your XIB

  2. Change UIView class to ABCalendarPicker using Identity Inspector

  3. Add this first line to main.m: [ABCalendarPicker class];

  4. #import <ABCalendarPicker/ABCalendarPicker.h> anywhere you need.

Demo video

Here are two videos, short and long. Short video shows component features. Long video shows commertial app features on iPhone 4 (really the slowest iPhone for animations).

ABCalendarPicker short demo:

ABCalendarPicker 3 weeks mode:

Mr.Calendario long demo:

App to try

Mr.Calendario in AppStore (not free)

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