sdk-xyo-swift 1.0.13

sdk-xyo-swift 1.0.13

Maintained by Kevin Weiler, description=Github Actions Token.

Depends on:
sdk-core-swift~> 3.1.2
XyBleSdk~> 3.1.6

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A high-level SDK for interacting with the XYO network. Including BLE, TCP/IP, Bound Witnessing, and Bridging. 

Start Here

Include the library in your Podfile

target 'YourAppName' do
  pod 'sdk-xyo-swift', '1.0.3'

Try some code to test. Look below for specific usage.

One line is all it takes to start your node

let builder = XyoNodeBuilder().setBoundWitnessDelegate(self)

For a more complex test, create a listener callback.

You can also configure to your specific roles.


After creating the node builder, you will create your node with

let node = try

Once you have a build, you have access to properties to help you shape your node and what you want out of it.


// select the network - examples
let bleNetwork = node.networks["ble"] as? XyoBleNetwork
let tcpipNetwork = node.networks["tcpip"] as? XyoTcpipNetwork

// a flag to tell the client to automatically scan
bleNetwork?.client.scan = true

// a flag to tell the server to listen
bleNetwork?.server.listen = true

You can set bridges for the tcp/ip client for bridging.

// set local bridges for the tcpip client
tcpipNetwork?.client.knownBridges = ["public address of bridge", "public address of other bridge"]

You can set the bound witness delegate

class SomeViewController: UIViewController, BoundWitnessDelegate {
  func boundWitness(started withDeviceId: String) {
    print("Started BW with (withDeviceId)")

  func boundWitness(completed withDeviceId: String, withBoundWitness: XyoBoundWitness?) {
    print("Completed BW with (withDeviceId)")


You can also set a string payload data on any node that gets passed in a bound witness

    class SomeViewController: UIViewController, BoundWitnessDelegate {
        if var bleClient = (xyoNode?.networks["ble"] as? XyoBleNetwork)?.client {
          bleClient.pollingInterval = 10
          bleClient.stringHeuristic = "Hi I'm Client"
        if var bleServer = (xyoNode?.networks["ble"] as? XyoBleNetwork)?.server {
          bleServer.stringHeuristic = "Yo I'm Server"

The following extensions can be used to pull data from a bound witness. Party index 0 is the server, party 1 is the client.

Payload parsing

Given the above example of passing strings, you can resolve those strings for client/server using:

    if let resolveStr = withBoundWitness?.resolveString(forParty: 0) {
      dataStr += "Server: " + resolveStr
    if let resolveStr1 = withBoundWitness?.resolveString(forParty: 1) {
      dataStr += " Client: " + resolveStr1

Or you can get all heuristics in a dictionary for a given bound witness

 extension XyoBoundWitness {
    func allHeuristics() : [String:String] {
      return XyoHumanHeuristics.getAllHeuristics(self)

You can see individual heuristic resolvers in the source code:




The Human Heursitics Protocols can be found here



This sdk is built on a client/server to ensure ease of understanding during development. (The client takes on "central" role, and the server the "peripheral"). This allows us to define roles with simplicity. 


  • XyoSDK
    • mutableList <XyoNode>

      • XyoNode(storage, networks)

        • listeners
          • boundWitnessTarget
      • XyoClient, XyoServer

        • Ble

          • context
          • relayNode
          • procedureCatalog
          • autoBridge
          • acceptBridging
          • autoBoundWitness
          • scan
        • TcpIp

          • relayNode
          • procedureCatalog
          • autoBridge
          • acceptBridging
          • autoBoundWitness

Sample App

Please refer to the iOS sample for an exmple implementation for bound witness and bridging. 


To use the sample app to measure functionality

  • Launch Xcode
  • Click on Open an existing swift Studio Project
  • Navigate to <path to the sdk-xyo-swift>/Example/ in your file explorer
  • Open the project workspace open XyoSdkExample.xcworkspace

This sample app includes client bridging and bound witnessing with a BLE server listener.


  • Kevin Weiler


See the LICENSE file for license details.


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