mesibo-webrtc 1.4.0

mesibo-webrtc 1.4.0

Maintained by Mesibo.

WebRTC framework for iOS - static version

Why this framework?

It's an unfortunate decision on Google's part to remove the static target from the WebRTC build. There are a couple of requests including this one for the rollback on WebRTC issue tracker, unfortunately, Google marked then as WontFix and hence this framework.

Here you will find WebRTC static framework for iOS recompiled using modified ninja files. This framework has some additional Mesibo specific code. Note that, Mesibo specific code is additional and has no impact on the original API. You can use it even if you are not using Mesibo.


You need to disable bitcode when using this framework. If you require bitcode enabled library, write to us.

IMPORTANT - install LFS before CLOING the Repository

WebRTC framework is a large download. This requires that the Git LFS is installed before you clone the repository. Cloning likely to fail if you try to clone without LFS installed. In such case, delete the entire repository, install LFS and clone again.

To download, open a terminal and issue following commands:

$ git lfs install
$ git clone

Open Source Messenger App For iOS

This framework is used in Open Source Messenger App For iOS