mParticle-Optimizely 8.1.2

mParticle-Optimizely 8.1.2

Maintained by mParticle Developers.

Depends on:
mParticle-Apple-SDK/mParticle~> 8.0
OptimizelySwiftSDK~> 4.0

Optimizely Kit Integration

This repository contains the Optimizely integration for the mParticle Apple SDK.

Adding the integration

  1. Add the kit dependency to your app's Podfile or Cartfile:

    pod 'mParticle-Optimizely', '~> 7.0'


    github "mparticle-integrations/mparticle-apple-integration-optimizely" ~> 7.0
  2. Follow the mParticle iOS SDK quick-start, then rebuild and launch your app, and verify that you see "Included kits: { Optimizely }" in your Xcode console

(This requires your mParticle log level to be at least Debug)

  1. Reference mParticle's integration docs below to enable the integration.


Optimizely integration


Apache License 2.0