libkml 1.2

libkml 1.2

LangLanguage C++C++
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Dec 2014

Maintained by .

Depends on:
expat>= 0
uriparser>= 0

libkml 1.2

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  • Google Inc.

Welcome to libkml!

This is the source code for the libkml project. The main project page is at:

All of our documentation is on the project wiki:

The wiki contains documents that describe:

  • An overview of the most recent release
  • Building and running the code
  • Running the unit tests
  • A general API reference guide
  • More details guides to each of the libkml modules

The main project page has links to the discussion group and the mailing list that mirrors the commit and issue logs.

Note on strings in libkml: As of r680, we changed all use of "std::string" to just "string". This change was motivated by a desire to permit use in codebases that provide their own string class. This change was transparent to you because of this change to src/kml/base/util.h:


using std::string;


All string-using code in libkml was modified to pull in that header.