google-plus-ios-sdk 1.7.1

google-plus-ios-sdk 1.7.1

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License Custom
ReleasedLast Release Dec 2014

Maintained by Marc Fernandez, Ningsuhen Waikhom, Eduardo Viegas.

  • By
  • Google Inc.

This Google+ iOS SDK allows users to sign in and share with Google+ from third-party apps. The SDK also provides Google+ APIs for the app to access the list of people in user-selected circles and to read and write user's app activities. The SDK contains the following files:

README -- This file.

Changelog -- The versions and changes of the SDK.

GooglePlus.framework/ -- The Google+ SDK framework.

GooglePlus.bundle/ -- Resources to be included in your app.

GoogleOpenSource.framework/ -- A framework containing all the open source files used by the SDK. Either add this framework or add individual files in OpenSource/ directory into your project.

OpenSource/ -- Google open source files used by the SDK. This contains the same code as in GoogleOpenSource.framework. If you're not adding GoogleOpenSource.framework, add the files you need from this directory into your project.

SampleCode/ -- Sample code for your reference only. Do not include this in your project. GooglePlusSample.xcodeproj/ -- The Xcode project.