ZDCChat 1.4.7

ZDCChat 1.4.7

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
ReleasedLast Release Mar 2020

Maintained by Alan Egan, Steven Diviney, Ronan McHugh, Killian Smith, Boris Bielik, Dan Sessions, Alexey Alter-Pesotskiy.

ZDCChat 1.4.7

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Zendesk Chat SDK for iOS 1.4.7

Zendesk Chat SDK is a quick, convenient way to get live chat into your mobile apps. With just a few lines of code, you can provide your end users with an easy way to get in touch from any mobile app.


  • ZopimChatSample - sample project
  • ZDCChat.bundle - the SDK resource bundle
  • ZDCChat.framework - the Chat UI SDK framework
  • ZDCChatAPI.framework - the Chat API SDK framework
  • ZDCChatStrings.bundle - the SDK localization strings bundle

You can also reference this repository as a CocoaPod:

pod 'ZDCChat'


If you are migrating to version 1.3.x.x, then this migration guide is available.

Feature request

All enhancement, improvement, and feature request suggestions are welcomed. Please submit them to our SDK community. We will normally close feature requests posted to this repository.

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