YoonitFacefy 1.0.7

YoonitFacefy 1.0.7

Maintained by Luigui Delyer, Haroldo Teruya.

  • By
  • Haroldo Teruya and Luigui Delyer

iOS Yoonit Facefy

Google MLKit integration

Face detection

Face contours

Face expressions

Face movement


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Table of Contents


Add the following line to your Podfile file:

pod 'YoonitFacefy'

And run in the root of your project:

pod install


This is a basic usage to the FacefyYoonit. Feel free to use the demo.

import YoonitFacefy


let image = UIImage(contentsOfFile: "image path")
let facefy: Facefy = Facefy()

self.facefy.detect(image!) { faceDetected in                                      
    if let faceDetected: FaceDetected = faceDetected {
        if let leftEyeOpenProbability = faceDetected.leftEyeOpenProbability {
            print(String(format: "%.2f", leftEyeOpenProbability))
        if let rightEyeOpenProbability = faceDetected.rightEyeOpenProbability {
            print(String(format: "%.2f", rightEyeOpenProbability))
        if let smilingProbability = faceDetected.smilingProbability {
            print(String(format: "%.2f", faceDetected.smilingProbability))
        if let hasHeadEulerAngleX = faceDetected.hasHeadEulerAngleX {
            print(String(format: "%.2f", hasHeadEulerAngleX))
        if let hasHeadEulerAngleY = faceDetected.hasHeadEulerAngleY {
            print(String(format: "%.2f", hasHeadEulerAngleY))
        if let hasHeadEulerAngleZ = faceDetected.hasHeadEulerAngleZ {
            print(String(format: "%.2f", hasHeadEulerAngleZ))
        if let cgImage = image?.cgImage {                                                        
            // Crop the face image from the camera frame.
            let faceImage = UIImage(
                cgImage: cgImage.cropping(to: faceDetected.boundingBox)!
} onError: { message in



Function Parameters Return Type Description
detect image: UIImage, onSuccess: @escaping (FaceDetected?) -> Void, onError: @escaping (String) -> Void void Detect a face from image and return the result in the FaceDetected as a closure.


Attribute Type Description
boundingBox CGRect The face bounding box related to the image input.
leftEyeOpenProbability Float? The left eye open probability.
rightEyeOpenProbability Float? The right eye open probability.
smilingProbability Float? The smiling probability.
headEulerAngleX Float? The angle in degrees that indicate the vertical head direction. See Head Movements.
headEulerAngleY Float? The angle in degrees that indicate the horizontal head direction. See Head Movements.
headEulerAngleZ Float? The angle in degrees that indicate the tilt head direction. See Head Movements.
contours [CGPoint] List of points that represents the shape of the detected face.

Head Movements

Here we explaining the above gif and how reached the "results". Each "movement" (vertical, horizontal and tilt) is a state, based in the angle in degrees that indicate head direction;

Head Direction Attribute v < -36° -36° < v < -12° -12° < v < 12° 12° < v < 36° 36° < v
Vertical headEulerAngleX Super Down Down Frontal Up Super Up
Horizontal headEulerAngleY Super Left Left Frontal Right Super Right
Tilt headEulerAngleZ Super Right Right Frontal Left Super Left

To contribute and make it better

Clone the repo, change what you want and send PR. For commit messages we use Conventional Commits.

Contributions are always welcome!

Code with by the Yoonit Team