YONAutoComplete 1.3.3

YONAutoComplete 1.3.3

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Apr 2024

Maintained by Yonat Sharon.

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  • Yonat Sharon

YONAutoComplete - Add auto-completion to a UITextField

Simplest auto-complete:
just create a YONAutoComplete object and assign it as the delegate of a UITextField:

YONAutoComplete *autoComplete = [YONAutoComplete new];
textField.delegate = autoComplete;

The user can either choose from the list of completions, or type a new value that will be added to the list automatically.

If you need to have your own delegate for the text field, set it on the YONAutoComplete instance:

autoComplete.textFieldDelegate = myTextFieldDelegate;


You can use pre-assembled completions list from a text file:

autoComplete.completionsFileName = @"SomeFileName";

Or set the completions list programmatically:

autoComplete.completions = @[@"First Item", @"Second Item"];

To prevent user-typed values from being added to the completions list:

autoComplete.freezeCompletionsFile = YES;

Limit number of completions shown:

    autoComplete.maxCompletions = 7;



pod 'YONAutoComplete'