YNSearch 2.4.0

YNSearch 2.4.0

LangLanguage SwiftSwift
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release Mar 2019
SPMSupports SPM

Maintained by [younatics].

YNSearch 2.4.0

  • By
  • Seungyoun Yi

YNSearch + Realm Support

Awesome Version Carthage Compatible License: MIT Build Status Platform Swift 5.0


See CHANGELOG for details


🔍 Awesome search view, written in Swift 5.0, appears search view like Pinterest Search view. You can fully customize this library. You can also use this library with Realm! See usage in below

See Highlighter for highlight search result

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YNSearch is written in Swift 5.0. Compatible with iOS 8.0+



YNSearch is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'YNSearch'


github "younatics/YNSearch"

Simple Usage

Set categories (required) and search histories (optional)

import YNSearch

let demoDatabase = ["Menu", "Animation", "Transition", "TableView", "CollectionView", "Indicator", "Alert", "UIView", "UITextfield", "UITableView", "Swift", "iOS", "Android"]

ynSearch.setCategories(value: demoDatabase)
ynSearch.setSearchHistories(value: demoDatabase)


Set database (required) and key (required). key will be displayed in YNSearchListView You can set your database [Any] if you want to customize.

let database1 = YNDropDownMenu(key: "YNDropDownMenu")
let database2 = YNSearchData(key: "YNSearchData")
let demoDatabase = [database1, database2]
self.initData(database: demoDatabase)

Set YNSearchListView Delegate

func ynSearchListView(_ ynSearchListView: UITableView, cellForRowAt indexPath: IndexPath) -> UITableViewCell {
        let cell = self.ynSearchView.ynSearchListView.dequeueReusableCell(withIdentifier: YNSearchListViewCell.ID) as! YNSearchListViewCell
        if let ynmodel = self.ynSearchView.ynSearchListView.searchResultDatabase[indexPath.row] as? YNSearchModel {
            cell.searchLabel.text = ynmodel.key
        return cell
func ynSearchListView(_ ynSearchListView: UITableView, didSelectRowAt indexPath: IndexPath) {
        if let ynmodel = self.ynSearchView.ynSearchListView.searchResultDatabase[indexPath.row] as? YNSearchModel, let key = ynmodel.key {
        // Call listview clicked based on key
        self.ynSearchView.ynSearchListView.ynSearchListViewDelegate?.ynSearchListViewClicked(key: key)
        // return object you set in database
        self.ynSearchView.ynSearchListView.ynSearchListViewDelegate?.ynSearchListViewClicked(object: self.ynSearchView.ynSearchListView.database[indexPath.row])
        // Append Search history
        self.ynSearchView.ynSearchListView.ynSearch.appendSearchHistories(value: key)

Realm Usage

Get your Data with Realm

let datas = realm.objects(RealmModel.self)

Realm is not collection type so you need to convert it again with [Any]type. This will find all string in your RealmModel and show you results.

var dataArray = [Any]()
for data in datas {
        let searchModel = RealmModel()
            searchModel.author = data.author
            searchModel.detail = data.detail
            searchModel.title = data.title
            searchModel.type = data.type
self.initData(database: dataArray)

I used Objectification for accurate search result. This library will get all data in your object and search if for us.


View Hierachy

YNSearchViewController: Inherit this viewcontroller 
|-- YNSearchTextFieldView: YNSearchTextField with cancel button
|   |-- YNSearchTextField: Search UITextfield
|   |-- cancelButton: Show when YNSearchTextField textFieldDidBeginEditing
|-- YNSearchView : get both YNSearchMainView and YNSearchListView
|   |-- YNSearchMainView: First view that you can see
|   |   |-- categoryLabel: Cateogry label
|   |   |-- [YNCategoryButton]: cateogory buttons
|   |   |-- searchHistoryLabel: Search history label
|   |   |-- [YNSearchHistoryView]: history views
|   |   |   |-- [YNSearchHistoryButton]: Search history button
|   |   |   |-- [closeButton]: Close button
|   |
|   |-- YNSearchListView: UITableview with search result

Custom Usage

set YNSearchDelegate if you want callback

self.delegate = self

func ynSearchHistoryButtonClicked(text: String) {
func ynCategoryButtonClicked(text: String) {
func ynSearchListViewClicked(text: String) {

func ynSearchListViewClicked(object: YNSearchModel) {

Set YNCategoryButton type.

self.ynSearchView.ynSearchMainView.setYNCategoryButtonType(type: .colorful)

See more usage in demo

You can fully customize this YNSearch based on view hierachy


Please tell me or make pull request if you use this library in your application :)





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YNSearch is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.