WultraPassphraseMeter 1.2.0

WultraPassphraseMeter 1.2.0

Maintained by Jan Kobersky, Juraj Durech, Juraj Durech.

Passphrase Meter

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Wultra Passphrase Meter is a multi-platform library implementing offline passphrase strength validation. Choosing a weak passphrase in applications with high-security demands can be potentially dangerous, so the primary purpose of this library is to let you warn the user when he tries to use such passphrase in your mobile application. The validation code itself is based on a slightly modified version of zxcvbn-c.

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Security Disclosure

If you believe you have identified a security vulnerability with Wultra Passphrase Meter, you should report it as soon as possible via email to [email protected]. Please do not post it to a public issue tracker.