Workflow 0.19.0

Workflow 0.19.0

Maintained by Tim Donnelly, Timothy Donnelly, Ben Cochran, David Apgar.

Workflow 0.19.0

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An architecture that allows composable state machines to drive UI navigation and content, where the state machines are cleanly separated from UI code.

This project is currently experimental and the API subject to breaking changes without notice. Follow Square's engineering blog, The Corner, to see when this project becomes stable.

Workflow is a library for making composable state machines, and UIs driven by those state machines.

This project is under active development. The workflow code is being piloted in production apps. The view code is not (yet).

More documentation and samples will be coming soon!

Using Workflows in your project


CocoaPods compatible

If you use CocoaPods to manage your dependencies, simply add Workflow and WorkflowUI to your Podfile:

pod 'Workflow'
pod 'WorkflowUI'


Maven Central

Artifacts are hosted on Maven Central. If you're using Gradle, ensure mavenCentral() appears in your repositories block, and then add dependencies on the following artifacts:

Maven Coordinates Depend on this if…
com.squareup.workflow:workflow-core-jvm:x.y.z You are writing a library module/project that uses Workflows, but you don't need to interact with the runtime from the outside.
com.squareup.workflow:workflow-rx2:x.y.z You need to interact with RxJava2 from your Workflows.
com.squareup.workflow:workflow-testing-jvm:x.y.z You are writing tests. This should only be included as a test dependency.
com.squareup.workflow:workflow-ui-android:x.y.z You're writing an Android app that uses Workflows.

Lower-level Artifacts

Most code shouldn't need to depend on these directly. They should generally only be used to build higher-level integrations with UI frameworks.

Maven Coordinates Depend on this if…
com.squareup.workflow:workflow-runtime-jvm:x.y.z You need to interact directly with the runtime, i.e. streams of renderings and outputs.
com.squareup.workflow:workflow-ui-core-jvm:x.y.z You are writing workflow-ui-android for another UI framework. Defines the core types used by that artifact.


Releasing and Deploying



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