Webcom 1.1.9

Webcom 1.1.9

License Commercial
ReleasedLast Release Sep 2018

Maintained by Christophe AZEMAR, Xavier LELEU, Chebbi Ahmed.

Webcom 1.1.9

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Create an account

  1. Create an account on http://datasync.orange.com
  2. Once you're logged, create a namespace

Setup your project

You can configure your project manually or with CocoaPods

  • Manual Configuration
  • Download the Webcom framework.
  • Copy the framework in your project.
  • Add the framework dependency to project's target.

  • Cocoapods setup

  • Add Webcom to your project's Podfile
target :MyProject do
pod 'Webcom'

Start coding

  • Include Webcom header in your app :
#import <Webcom/Webcom.h>
import Webcom
  • Create a reference to your Flexible Datasync database.
/// Webcom reference
WCWebcom * webcomRef = [[WCWebcom alloc] initWithURL:@"https://io.datasync.orange.com/base/{your-webcom-app}"];
/// Webcom reference
let webcomRef = webcom = WCWebcom(URL: "https://io.datasync.orange.com/base/{your-webcom-app}")
  • Write data
/// Say Hello
[webcomRef set:@"Hello World!"];
/// Say Hello
webcomRef.set("Hello World!")
  • Read data
/// Read
[webcomRef onEventType:WCEventTypeValue withCallback:^(WCDataSnapshot * _Nullable snapshot, NSString * _Nullable prevKey)
NSString * value = (NSString *)snapshot.value;
NSLog(@"%@", value);
/// Read
webcomRef.onEventType(.Value , withCallback:
(snapshot: WCDataSnapshot?, prevKey: String?) -> Void in
if let message = snapshot?.value as? String


In order to publish your application to AppStore you need to add a script to your project.

  1. Go to "Build Phases" pane in your project Target
  2. Add a "Run script phase"
  3. Copy paste this script