VungleSDK-iOS 6.8.1

VungleSDK-iOS 6.8.1

ReleasedLast Release Oct 2020

Maintained by David Kim, Akifumi Shinagawa, John Mai, Clarke, Shiv Venkatraman, Madhu Kumaraswamy.

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Vungle's iOS-SDK

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Vungle SDK for iOS

Version 6.8.1

Welcome to the Vungle SDK which has been battle-tested to unlock amazing monetization opportunities for you. The Vungle SDK enables the very best creatives in mobile advertising.


Component Description License
Webkit WebKit provides a set of classes to display web content in windows, and implements browser features LGPL BSD
zlib zlib is a compression library ZLIB
libsqlite SQLite is a C-language library that implements a small, self-contained SQL database engine PD


The Vungle iOS-SDK is available under a commercial license. See the LICENSE file for more info.