VD 1.109.0

VD 1.109.0

Maintained by dankinsoid.

VD 1.109.0

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This repository contains useful extensions on Foundation, UIKit and SwiftUI



Combination of @dynamicMemberLookup with KeyPathes and callAsFunction (or subscripts) allows to change objects with one expression

let label = UILabel().chain

Date extensions

Date struct provides very little functionality, any operations with dates must be implemented through Calendar in very unintuitive, complex and difficult to remember ways. To simplify operations with dates, this library provides a simple and intuitive syntax.

Some examples

let afterTomorrow: Date = .today + 2.days
//or .today + .days(2)
//or Date.today.adding(2 * .day)
let difference = date2 - date1
let daysBetweenDates = difference.days
//or date2.interval(of: .day, from: date1)
let weeksBetweenDates = difference.weeks
let hours = Date().component(.hour)
//or Date().hour()
let someDate = Date(year: 1994, month: 10, day: 4) 
let startOfMonth = Date().start(of: .month)
let lastMonth = Date().end(of: .year)
let lastDay = Date().end(of: .year, accuracy: .day)
let nextYear = Date().next(.year)
let nextLeapYear = Date().nearest([.month: 2, .day: 29], in: .future)?.start(of: .year)
let monthLenght = Date().count(of: .day, in: .month)
for month in (date1...date2).each(.month) {...}
let weekdayName = Date().name(of: .weekday)
if let date = Date(from: dateString, format: "dd.MM.yyyy") {...}
let dateString = Date().string("dd.MM.yyyy")
let iso860String = Date().iso860
let defaultDateString = Date().string(date: .long, time: .short)
let relativeDateString = Date().string("dd.MM.yyyy",
                            relative: [
                                .day(0): "Today, HH:mm",
                                .day(-1): "Yesterday",
                                .week(0): "EEEE",       
                                .year(0): "dd.MM"

Any function contains additional parameters with default values such as:

calendar: Calendar = .default
locale: Locale = .default
timezone: TimeZone = .default

where Calendar.default, Locale.default and TimeZone.default - static variables that you can change. So you can use custom Calendar in each function

let dayOfMonth = Date().position(of: .day, in: .month, calendar: customCalendar)

Or you can set your own default value for all functions

Calendar.default = customCalendar


  1. CocoaPods

Add the following line to your Podfile:

pod 'VD'

and run pod update from the podfile directory first.

  1. Swift Package Manager

Create a Package.swift file.

// swift-tools-version:5.0
import PackageDescription

let package = Package(
  name: "SomeProject",
  dependencies: [
    .package(url: "https://github.com/dankinsoid/VDKit.git", from: "1.109.0")
  targets: [
    .target(name: "SomeProject", dependencies: ["VDKit"])
$ swift build


dankinsoid, [email protected]


VDAnimation is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.