URBNConvenience 2.3.2

URBNConvenience 2.3.2

LangLanguage Obj-CObjective C
License MIT
ReleasedLast Release May 2017
SwiftSwift Version 3.0

Maintained by Jason Grandelli, Ryan Garchinsky, Erin Hamalainen, Dustin Bergman, Nick DiStefano, Evan Dutcher, Raymond Migneco, URBN, Matt Thomas.

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  • URBN Mobile Team


A collection of useful Categories, Macros, and convenience functions we use in URBN apps.


URBNConvenience classes may be individually imported on an as needed basis, or if you need all of them imported at once, you may import URBNConvenience.h which will bring with it all of the other classes currently in the URBNConvenience pod.

  • URBNConvenience: An umbrella framework header to be included when all URBNConvenience classes are needed. Also includes version information about URBNConvenience.

  • URBNFunctions: Convenience methods for things like app information, debug info, conversions, & async dispatching.

  • URBNMacros: Convenience macros for things like OS & device versions, logging, and assertions.

  • NSNotificationCenter+URBN: A category on NSNotificationCenter to remove the boiler plate around posting a notification on the main queue.

  • UITextField+URBNLoadingIndicator: A category on UITextField that displays a stock loading indicator as the rightView of the textfield.

  • UIView+URBNAnimations: A short and sweet category on UIView to quickly add cross dissolve animations to views. The default animation duration is 0.2 seconds.

  • UIView+URBNBorders: A simple category to add those pesky borders on any side of the UIView. Each border has it’s own color, width, and insets.

  • UIView+URBNLayout: A super useful category on UIView to expedite layout work with UIView’s. Includes methods for manual frame layout as well as auto layout.

  • URBNTextField: Because designers like text insets and padding, this subclass adds edgeInsets. These insets work with all UITextField’s subviews (text, editing, left view, clear button, & right view).

  • NSDate+URBN: A category on NSDate to get human-readable information about the duration between two dates.

  • UIImage+URBN: The current FP app has a lot of asset bloat. This category provides a way to cache/reuse image assets drawn with CoreGraphics.

  • NSString+URBN: A category on NSString that provides some convenient functions for finding substrings.


URBNConvenience has been tested on iOS 7 and up. Though it may work on lower deployment targets. ARC is required.


URBNConvenience is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.