TouchVG 1.1.35

TouchVG 1.1.35

LangLanguage Objective C++Objective C++
License BSD
ReleasedLast Release Apr 2016

Maintained by Zhang Yungui.

TouchVG 1.1.35

TouchVG for iOS

A lightweight 2D vector drawing framework using vgcore for iOS. It uses the CoreGraphics and UIKit frameworks to render shapes and handle gestures.

Features described in Online document. Please visit demo projects (vgios-demo, vgios_examples and iOSColorPad to see more examples.


iphone1 | iphone2


This is an open source BSD licensed project. It uses the following open source projects:

  • vgcore (BSD): Cross-platform vector drawing libraries using C++.
  • SVGKit (MIT): Display and interact with SVG Images with CoreAnimation on iOS.
  • iOS-Universal-Library-Template: Use it to create static library project.

How to Contribute

Contributors and sponsors are welcome. You may translate, commit issues or pull requests on this Github site. To contribute, please follow the branching model outlined here: A successful Git branching model.


How to Compile

Add more shapes and commands

  • You can use to create library project containing your own shapes and commands. So the TouchVG and TouchVGCore libraries does not require changes.

    • Checkout and enter DemoCmds directory, then type python YourCmds:

      git clone
      cd DemoCmds
      python MyCmds